STI for Students


One of the many features of the STI program is that you can go online and access your attendance see assignments and keep track of your grades.  To use this feature from any Internet enabled computer; open a web browser and go to  and then select the STI-InfoNow  link at the upper left corner of the page.


This will open the STI program interface into a new window.  This is where you will enter your username and password in the designated boxes.  You may need to change your password at your first login.  If so, enter your old password in the top box and your new password into the two lower boxes. The password must be at least 8 characters with at least one letter and at least one number.  Go ahead and change your password and write it down somewhere, create a file with the password in it and above all, remember your password.



This will open up the home page of your STI portal.  Your name and the academic session will show in the upper right of the screen.  The left side of the screen will have a menu down the side  where you can select other stuff to check. The home page may also show announcements that pertain to school.



The first tab on the menu is for the School Calendar which displays a calendar of the school days.  You can select to view either Events, Schedule or both , as well as, the month at the top of the page.                



The next selection offers several selections under the Student Information tab;


The first is for attendance. Here you can select the links for “View Period Absences” or “View Check In/ Check Out.



The next selection is your Demographics link which displays your basic personal information. You can not change the data here.  However, if you note an error in the information, please notify Dede, in the front office.     


No need for an image here.


The next link is for Discipline; this will list any disciplinary action which has taken place.  


No need for an image here.


The fourth link under Student Information is for grades. Selecting this link will open a page which lists your grades by class and teacher, up to this point for the current academic period.



Further selecting “Activities” will open, selecting the “Progress Report” link in the upper right, will open up a window in which you can choose to Open or Save the report.



Selecting the + sign in front of each entry will open a drop down with the particular lesson plans for the day or week  depending on how the teacher puts lesson plans in.




You must have Adobe Reader in order to open the report.



This will yield a detailed Progress Report for that class.  Just the class under which you selected progress Report. .





The first section under the “Reports” section offers a “Comprehensive Progress Report” which shows a progress report for all your classes.

You can select the grading period, select “View Report” and then opt to Open or Save the report.



The next selection is for Report Cards, same deal here; you can select the grading period, select “View Report” and then opt to Open or Save the report.                                                              Until a Report Card exists, you will get an error message.


The last selection under Reports is for an “Unofficial Transcript”, for which you are also offered to Open or Save. When you print the transcript it has a watermark that says Unofficial.  So don’t be trying to pass it off as the real deal!


The final section is for “System Preferences”, under which there is one option and that is for “Setting”. Where you can enter and update your e-mail address, as well as change your password. Be sure to select the “Save” button in the lower right side of the window in order to lock in your changes. If you change your password again, it must be 8 characters in length. Contain at least one letter and/or number, can not be Password, pass, word, or the same as your username. Remember it!



That’s a wrap on the STI home portal training for today, if you have any issues questions or comments, you can tell me, or better yet e-mail me at


So what if all this doesn’t work for you.


2 things to make sure are happening on the computer you are using.


1.Make sure the computer has Adobe Reader 8.0 or above


2. that the site URL is entered into the pop-up blocker.


1. Adobe Reader 8.0


To download and install Adobe Reader, go to download and install it.


2. Pop-up blocker


Select and copy the URL from the URL bar of your web browser with STI open in it.


The browser you are using will have a “Tools” selection in the menu bar under the URL space. Select Tools and you will get a drop-down menu, in the menu, select Pop-up Blocker, Pop-up Blocker Settings.






Paste the URL into the “Address of website to allow” box, Select Add, Select Close.