Regular Board Meeting February 10, 2010 - Windsor High School Library


Call to Order

 President, Matt Greuel called the meeting to order at 6:30P.M.


Roll Call

The following members were present: Geo Glasscock, Wanda Kearney, Terrie Hudson, Matt Greuel, Vince Welsh, Rob Bullock, and Kurt Stremming. District Administrators Sharon Keck, Erik Van Hoveln and Cynthia Bankson were also in attendance.


Consent Agenda

A motion to approve the consent agenda was made by Geo Glasscock, second by Kurt Stremming.  Member’s votes were, Geo Glasscock – yes, Wanda Kearney – yes, Terrie Hudson – yes, Matt Greuel – yes, Vince Welsh – yes, Rob Bullock – yes, and Kurt Stremming – yes, MOTION CARRIED 7 – yes, 0 – no.


Correspondence & Visitors


Terry Prasun was in attendance

Old Business

Erik Van Hoveln presented the prices to replace lockers in the 1936 part of the building and in the newer part of the building. Geo Glasscock made a motion to replace the lockers in the 1936 part of the building only at a cost of $17,650.51.  Second was made by Kurt Stremming.  Members’ votes were: Terrie Hudson – yes, Matt Greuel – yes, Vince Welsh – yes, Rob Bullock – yes, Kurt Stremming – yes, Geo Glasscock – yes, and Wanda Kearney – yes. MOTION CARRIED 7- yes, 0- no.


Mrs. Keck requested action on policy changes that were presented at the last meeting.  Wanda Kearney made a motion to accept policies, 2:200, 2:250, 4:110, 4:120, 4:130, 4:150, 4:160, 5:10, 6:60, 6:20, 6:50, 6:185, 7:10, 7:20, 7:180, and 8:70 second by Rob Bullock.  VOICE VOTE CARRIED.


Mrs. Keck reported on the Life Safety work.  They are waiting for the delivery of the fire door closers.


New Business

Transportation Director Dave Pauley recommended that we not purchase a bus at this time. The present fleet is running well.  All agreed to follow this recommendation.


Mrs. Keck presented the 2010-2011 school calendar. Geo Glasscock made a recommendation to accept the calendar, second by Wanda Kearney.  VOICE VOTE CARRIED.


Mr. Van Hoveln made a recommendation to reseal the new gym floor.  It was agreed that he should proceed with that project.


Executive Session

Wanda Kearney made a motion to go into Executive Session for the purpose of staff recommendations, leave request, hiring administration, staff hiring and negotiations, Second by Kurt Stremming. Member’s votes were: Matt Greuel - yes, Vince Welsh – no, Rob Bullock – yes, Kurt Stremming – yes, Geo Glasscock – yes, Wanda Kearney – yes, and Terrie Hudson – yes. MOTION CARRIED 6 – yes, 1 – no.



Rob Bullock made a motion to exit executive session at 8:00 PM.  Wanda Kearney seconded the motion.  VOICE VOTE CARRIED


Possible Board Action

Matt Greuel read a letter from Jo Ann Stoneburner requesting medical leave for the duration of the current school year. A motion to grant this leave was made by Terrie Hudson second was made by Rob Bullock. Members’ votes were: Vince Welsh – no, Rob Bullock – yes, Kurt Stremming – no, Geo Glasscock – yes, Wanda Kearney – yes, Terrie Hudson – yes, Matt Greuel – no. MOTION CARRIED 4 –yes, 3 – no.


Mr. Van Hoveln recommended hiring Lori Bennett to coach Junior High Girls and Boys Track.  A motion was made to hire Lori Bennett for the position by Kurt Stremming, second by Wanda Kearney. VOICE VOTE CARRIED.


Matt Greuel read a letter from Gail Rincker stating that she be retiring at the end of the 2013-2014 school year, A motion was made by Wanda Kearney to accept this letter, second by Terrie Hudson. VOICE VOTE CARRIED.


Gail Rincker requested a dock day on March 8, 2010.  Motion to approve this request was made by Wanda Kearney, second by Terrie Hudson. VOICE VOTE CARRIED.


Cindy McIlwain requested three possible dock days in March.  A motion was made to grant those days by Rob Bullock, and seconded by Kurt Stremming. VOICE VOTE CARRIED


Matt Greuel read a letter from Jonathon Trussell regarding Summer School and his hope that there will be a Summer School this year.


The hiring of administrators was postponed until the March meeting.



Principal’s Report

Ms Bankson shared the following:

  • Curriculum:  RTI Library, Updated Learning Standards for Kindergarten, Mrs. Sentel’s Class:  Classrooms Care; Reading is Giving
  • Extracurricular:  New Basketball Uniforms, New Cheerleading Uniforms
  • Enrollment Update:  Preschool= 32(12 3 y.o.) (20 4 y.o.), K=36, 1=29, 2=18, 3=31, 4=28, 5=28, 6=28  Total=198 (not including preschool)
  • Activities/Thank yous:  Jennifer Greuel & Jim Hutchinson for pictures for the J/G; PTO for purchasing Smencils for students ISAT incentive; Kindergarten Pre-registration – will advise on numbers
  • Congratulations:  Special Olympics = 5 gold medals & 1 silver medal – will be going to state in March (Bloomington) Stew-Stras shootout – 5th grade=4th place; 6th grade=2nd place and WGS cheerleaders=Spirit Award;  Windsor shootout = participation medals for all;  Spelling bee – 3rd grade Peyton Miller, 4th grade Caitlyn Welsh, 5th grade Kaitlyn McCoy, 6th grade Zach Caywood – 17 parents/guests were in attendance.
  • Dates of Importance – 2/11 St. Elmo (A); 2/15 Presidents Day No School; 2/16 All day workshop for Teachers (stipend paid); 2/17 8:00-11:30 – RTI meeting; 2/18 O/V (A); 2/24 Bank at School; 3/1-3/12 – ISAT testing;3/8-3/31 Principal’s challenge; 3/9 A/R night


Mr. Van Hoveln shared the following:

·        This month we have Co-students of the month, Shawna & Samantha Worthy. Congratulations!

·        Congratulations are in order for the following:  High School cheerleaders for advancing to State; Taylor Williamson for winning female NTC scholarship, Jr. High Team Quest for advancing to the state competition in April.

·        I have been in contact with the man who made the trophy cases the last time we purchased them. I have sent him pictures via email and he thought he would have a quote back to me by the time of the board meeting. I will bring a copy with me to the board meeting.

·        The school improvement team has made some changes to next year’s schedule.  They are as follows:  Construction class will be a full year course, offer small engines, offer foreign affairs as a dual credit course, offer 2 sections of Alg 1 Freshman year. One section would be one period and the other sections would be 2 periods; Discontinue In Design and offer a new computer course that we are still investigating.

·        Ms. House would like permission to take the senior English 4 class to the Fox Theater to see Frankenstein on May 20th.  They read and study Frankenstein during part of the 4th quarter.  With this being an out of state field trip I need your permission.

·        Curriculum meetings went well last month.  We were able to identify some issues and correct them without major changes.  We stressed the importance of the state standards and discussed how to use them more effectively in the classrooms.  Math teachers will be meeting with the elementary teachers on Feb 16.

·        Important dates:  Feb 15 No school; Feb 16 Stipend Day; Feb 24 Juniors take the ASVAB; March 1 ISAT testing week.


Superintendent’s Report

Sharon asked for a discussion about the playground equipment on the northwest side of the elementary school.  She asked for a directive on whether to update the equipment and playground or to remove it.  The kindergarten teachers use the playground when it is not muddy. It needs 12 inches of pea gravel and some of the equipment will still need to be moved.


Mr. Van Hoveln was asked to check out the sound system in the old gym.






The motion to adjourn was made by Geo Glasscock, seconded by Kurt Stremming at 8:45 P.M. MOTION CARRIED by Voice Vote – all yes.









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