Regular Board Meeting March 10, 2010 - Windsor High School Library


Call to Order

 President, Matt Greuel called the meeting to order at 6:30P.M.


Roll Call

The following members were present: Kurt Stremming, Rob Bullock, Vince Welsh, Matt Greuel, Terrie Hudson, Wanda Kearney, and Geo Glasscock. District Administrators Sharon Keck, Erik Van Hoveln and Cynthia Bankson were also in attendance.


Consent Agenda

A motion to approve the consent agenda was made by Wanda Kearney second by Geo Glasscock. Member’s votes were, Rob Bullock - yes, Vince Welsh- yes, Matt Greuel - yes, Terrie Hudson - yes, Wanda Kearney- yes, and Geo Glasscock - yes. MOTION CARRIED 7 – yes, 0 – no.


Correspondence & Visitors

Thank you cards were received from Stephanie Kinkley, the Dale Miller family, and Charles Pearcy.  A thank you note about Heidi Dixon was read from Laura McCullough, who has a student in her class.


Kirby Floyd and Stacy Hayward asked to address the Board in Executive Session concerning the basketball coach.  Matt Bennett asked about retention of teachers and what the Board would use as a rationale. Kelly Armes Luis Saravic, Bridgette Cole, Chris Donovan and Stephanie Cline, Julie Miller, Sean McQueen, all addressed the Board in favor of retaining all new teachers and keeping class sizes small.


Old Business

Mrs. Keck reported on the Life Safety work.  The fire door closers. are in place but not yet connected to the alarm system.  The work should be completed by March 16.


Mr. VanHoveln discussed the information he had gathered about the new trophy cases.  The estimate for the cases would be $5,079.  Is the Booster Club interested in helping out with this purchase? It was agreed to table this discussion until we have a better picture of what the budget will be.  We will discuss this again in May.  Mrs. Keck stated that at this time the state owes the district $138,000.  As of March 31, that amount will double.  She also asked that the Board change the April meeting from April 14, 2010 to April 7, 2010 which is the first Wednesday of the month. The Board agreed to make that change.


New Business

There is no resolution from EIASE as of yet, It will probably be ready for the next month’s meeting.  EIASE is not receiving funding for the preschool program.  They are using Federal money, Medicare money, and money that had been set aside for the building.  There is no State money forthcoming at this time.


There was a first reading of new Board policies : 4:30, 4:60, 4:90, 4:110, 4:170, 5:20, 7:50, 8:30


Executive Session

At 7:10 PM Rob Bullock made a motion to go into Executive Session for the purpose of staff recommendations, leave request, hiring administration, staff hiring and negotiations, Second by Wanda Kearney. Member’s votes were: Vince Welsh – no, Matt Greuel – yes, Terrie Hudson – yes, Wanda Kearney – yes, Geo Glasscock – yes, Kurt Stremming - yes,  and Rob Bullock – yes, MOTION CARRIED 6 – yes, 1 – no.



The meeting reconvened at 8:45 PM


Possible Board Action

Sally Hooten requested 3 ½ docked days to go with her husband.  A motion was made by Rob Bullock, second by Geo Glasscock to require dock days VOICE VOTE CARRIED.


Mr. Van Hoveln recommended the release of Mandy Clarkson as the District Social Worker, effective at the end of the 2009-2010 school year.  A motion was made by Kurt Stremming and second by Wanda Kearney to release Mandy Clarkson.  Member’s votes were:  Matt Greuel – yes, Terrie Hudson – yes, Wanda Kearney – yes, Geo Glasscock – yes, Kurt Stremming – yes, Rob Bullock – yes, and Vince Welsh – yes. MOTION CARRIED 7- yes, 0- no.


Rob Bullock made a motion to rehire Sharon Keck as Windsor Superintendent, and Erik VanHoveln as Windsor Junior Senior High School Principal, salary for Mr. VanHoveln to be determined at a later date. Second was made by Matt Greuel. Members votes were: Terrie Hudson – yes, Wanda Kearney – yes, Geo Glasscock – yes, Kurt Stremming – yes, Rob Bullock – yes, and Vince Welsh – yes.  MOTION CARRIED 7 – yes, 0 – no.


There was no other Board Action.


Principal’s Report

Mr. Van Hoveln shared the following:


The booster club contacted me and said they are willing to put $5,000 toward a new marquee if the district chooses to do so.


Congratulations to Megan Powers for being selected as student of the month. 


Next month three teachers from my school improvement team will be at the board meeting to discuss differentiated instruction and some on the new teaching methods we are using.  Most likely we will move to a classroom with a smart board for this portion of the meeting.


Jr. High graduation will be on June 3rd at 7:00 p.m. & High School graduation will be June 4th at 7:00.


Important Dates:

March 12         End of 3rd quarter

March 24         Noon dismissal with DCFS here to discuss child  neglect and abuse with staff

April 2nd & 5th Easter Break


Mrs. Bankson  shared the following:



Reviewed Language Arts Curriculum Alignment (Stipend Day)

Worked on Math Curriculum Alignment (Stipend Day)

ISATS went well


Enrollment Update:

Preschool = 31 (11 3y.o.) (20 4y.o.)

K = 35

1 =  28

2 = 17

3 = 30

4 = 28

5 = 28

6 = 26

Total = 192

Preschool Round-up Totals =   (9 screening) (11 3y.o.) 



Rhonda Howard & Missy Hendrickson – pics for J/G

Bobby Prasun – built & painted shelves for RTI Library materials

Tractor Safety & Petting Zoo

Hats for J.J.

T/B/A – Etiquette Afternoon



Mitch Haddock – shot five 3 pt. shots at O/V Tourney (one of top 6 shooters) which allowed him to advance to the championship on Feb.24th.

Zach Caywood – participated in county spelling bee


Dates of Importance:

3/12 – End of 3rd Qtr.

3/13 – State Special Olympics (Tournament)

3/17 – 8:00-11:30 – RTI Meeting

3/24 – School Improvement (12:00 Dism.)

3/26 – 3rd grade Farm Tour

4/2-4/5 – Easter Break

4/27 – Circus is coming to town!



Mrs. Keck read a letter thanking Bob Peadro for his help with the cooler at the High School.  It was not working and Bob came out to help move the food to a cooler at his store.


Shelby County State Bank has indicated that the interest rate is going down to 1.92 %.  She would like the Board to consider looking for other options out of town to find a better rate of interest.  She will get rates and report back to the Board.






The motion to adjourn was made by Geo Glasscock, seconded by Rob Bullock at 9:15PM OTION CARRIED by Voice Vote – all yes.
















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