Regular Board Meeting January 13, 2010 - Windsor High School Library


Call to Order

President, Matt Greuel called the meeting to order at 6:30P.M.


Roll Call

The following members were present: Kurt Stremming, Rob Bullock, Vince Welsh, Matt Greuel, Wanda Kearney and Geo Glasscock.  Terri Hudson was absent. District Administrators Sharon Keck, Erik Van Hoveln and Cynthia Bankson were also in attendance. Visitors in attendance were Mr. Howard, Taylor Williamson, Olivia Fox, Erin Risley, and Shawna Worthey.


Consent Agenda

Elementary Dues and Fees on the Expenditure Report should be $480.00 with $238.50 remaining.  A motion to approve the consent agenda was made by Geo Glasscock, second by Kurt Stremming.  Member’s votes were, Kurt Stremming – yes, Rob Bullock – yes, Vince Welsh – yes, Matt Greuel – yes, Wanda Kearney – yes and Geo Glasscock – yes. MOTION CARRIED 6 – yes, 0 – no.


Correspondence & Visitors

A thank you letter was read from the family of Mr. Van Hoveln. 


Old Business


All exit lights and emergency lights have been installed.  Door openers and closers will be installed next week.


New Business

An estimate to replace lockers at the high school was presented.  The first estimate is for $17,560.51 for recessed lockers in the senior hallway.  A second estimate was for free standing lockers in the 1963 addition for $15,912.21.  The shipping would be about $800.00.  They could install in June and then we pay in July. 


Geo reported the Windsor City Council was probably not interested in helping the school with a marquee sign to put out on the highway.  It is estimated to be around $23,000.00.  If the school board wishes to continue exploring this possibility of a marquee sign it would probably have to be done on our own.  Board members requested information to be emailed to them.


There was a first reading of the following policies: 2:200, 2:250, 4:110, 4:120, 4:130, 4:150, 4:160, 5:10, 6:20, 6:50, 6:60, 6:185, 7:10, 7:20, 7:180, 8:70


The FFA gave a presentation on their trip to National Convention and the activities that they have been involved in this year.  Mr. Howard was in attendance with the following students giving presentations:  Taylor Williamson, Olivia Fox, Erin Risley, and Shawna Worthey.


Executive Session


Rob Bullock made a motion to go into Executive Session for the purpose of staff reviews and negotiations at 7:00 PM.  Second by Wanda Kearney.  Member’s votes were: Rob Bullock – yes, Vince Welsh – no, Matt Greuel – yes, Wanda Kearney – yes, Geo Glasscock, and Kurt Stremming – yes.  MOTION CARRIED 5 – yes, 1 – no.



Rob Bullock made the motion to adjourn Executive Session at 8:08 PM. Kurt Stremming made the second.  MOTION CARRIED by voice vote.


Possible Board Action

Geo Glasscock made the motion to keep transportation for Pre-K.  Wanda Kearney seconded the motion. Member’s votes were:  Vince Welsh – yes, Matt Greuel – yes, Wanda Kearney – yes, Geo Glasscock – yes, Kurt Stremming – yes, and Rob Bullock – yes.  MOTION CARRIED 6 – yes, 0 – no.


Matt Greuel made a motion to send a letter to the WEA notifying them of a possible reduction in force (RIF).  Rob Bullock made the second. Member’s votes were:  Matt Greuel – yes, Wanda Kearney – yes, Geo Glasscock – yes, Kurt Stremming – yes, Rob Bullock – yes, and Vince Welsh – yes.  MOTION CARRIED – 6 – yes, 0 – no.


Principal’s Report

Ms. Bankson shared the following:


Teachers utilizing skills presented by Bridgette Cole on Smart Boards – have 5 boards coming.


Enrollment update: - we lost 2 students over Christmas break

K = 38

1 =  28

2 =  18

3 =  32

4 =  28

5 =  28

6 =  28



Parent servers at Christmas Luncheon: Bruce Brewer, Stacey Stremming, Stacy Cole & Lisa Doss



Student Council:  Student Hat & Mitten Drive – 42 pairs of gloves; 21 hats.  These items went to the Jr. Women’s Club for needy families in Windsor.

Student Council School Store: Sold $130.00 in school supplies

Student Council: Sold 60 t-shirts & sweatshirts


Dates of Importance:

1/16 – Stew-Stras Shootout(A)

1/18 – MLK Day (No school)

1/19 – A/R Reading Night

1/20 – 8:00-11:30 – RTI Meeting

1/20 – Bank at School

1/21 – O/V/H(H)

1/22 – Title I Night – Talent Show

1/23 – Special Olympics Basketball

1/25 – Sacred Heart(A)

1/30 – Windsor Shootout(H)

2/1 – Cowden/Herrick(H)

2/1 – Spelling Bee

2/4 – Trinity Lutheran(A)

2/5 – Stew-Stras(A)

2/5 – Kindergarten Preregistration


Mr. Van Hoveln shared the following:

  • Congratulations to John Welsh for being selected as student of the month. 
  • Rough estimates on a trophy case for the new gym lobby are in the area of 5-7 thousand depending on the size we choose to purchase.  To give reference a 4x6 runs around $2,000.  I would recommend at a minimum 2 of the 4x6 cases with the possibility of purchasing one next year and one the following to help with the budget. 
  • At the end of the month I will be meeting with all curriculum areas to continue to align each content area with the state standards.  We have been working on this for fours years and are near completion but we will continue to meet to see that we keep up with the demands of high stake testing. 

1-18-10                      No School

1-22-10                      Kent Stock guest speaker 8:30-9:30 a.m. in the new gym

1-25-10                      NTC tourney @ Altamont – If you

                        need tickets contact Erik.

  • Vickey Hostetter is wanting to use the old gym for a dinner on Good Friday and Saturday.


Superintendent’s Report


Mrs. Keck reported that the High School boiler has sporadically not started until a manual attempt is made.





The motion to adjourn was made by Geo Glasscock, seconded by Rob Bullock at  8:31 P.M. MOTION CARRIED by Voice Vote – all yes.
















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