Regular Board Meeting April 7, 2010 - Windsor High School Library


Call to Order

 President, Matt Greuel called the meeting to order at 6:30P.M.


Roll Call

The following members were present: Geo Glasscock, Matt Greuel, Rob Bullock, and Vince Welsh. District Administrators Sharon Keck, Erik Van Hoveln and Cynthia Bankson were also in attendance.

Kurt Stremming arrived at 6:33 pm.  Terrie Hudson and Wanda Kearney were absent.


Consent Agenda

A motion to approve the consent agenda was made by Rob Bullock second by Vince Welsh. Member’s votes were, Vince Welsh – yes, Rob Bullock - yes, Geo Glasscock – yes, Matt Greuel - yes. MOTION CARRIED 4 – yes, 0 – no.


Correspondence & Visitors

A thank you card from the family of Stephanie Kinkley was read.


Old Business


Adoption of policies – Kurt Stremming made the motion to adopt the policies 4:30, 4:60, 4:90, 4:110, 4:170, 5:20, 7:50, 8:30.  Second by Vince Welsh.  VOICE VOTE PASSED.


EIASE Resolution – A motion was made by Rob Bullock to approve the resolution.  Second by Kurt Stremming.  VOICE VOTE PASSED.


Playground Equipment – Cynthia reported the swings were not used very much and recommended to scrap old swings.  Sharon is to check on gravel around the slide and truck and to get quotes to place gravel.  Vince will see about removal of the playground equipment.


New Business

IESA and IHSA Membership – Kurt Stremming made the motion to continue membership and pay membership fees to the IESA and IHSA.  Rob Bullock seconded the motion.  VOICE VOTE PASSED.


Sharon reported on Life Safety Extension – the electric is done. Simplex had to do extra wiring in the teacher’s lounge.


Ag Exploration – Mr. Van Hoveln reported on the Ag career class.  There is a fee of $1125.00 per student.  We have 2 students interested.  It is from 7:30 am to 10:30 am each day in Effingham.  This is conducted through the Regional Office of Education.  A motion was made by Vince Welsh to offer the class to Windsor High School Juniors and Seniors.  Seconded by Kurt Stremming. Member’s votes were:  Rob Bullock – yes, Kurt Stremming – yes, Geo Glasscock – yes, Vince Welsh – yes, Matt Greuel – yes.  MOTION CARRIED:  5 – Yes; 0 - No


Preschool Update – There has been no money received from the State as of now.  Mattoon CUSD does not want to administer the grant any longer.  The cost for our preschool program is $107,569.00.  Details were given by Sharon.  There are 6 options for pre-school per the attached list.  This was tabled until Monday, April 12. They will call for consensus on whether to write our own grant or stay with EIASE.


Smart Board Presentation – A smart board presentation was given by Shelly Clotfelter, Sally Hooten, and Lesley Baker on differentiated instruction.  This was a very interesting presentation.


Executive Session

At 8:23 PM Geo Glasscock made a motion to go into Executive Session for the purpose of  Support Staff Review, hiring staff and negotiations.  Second by Kurt Stremming. Member’s votes were:   Kurt Stremming – yes, Geo Glasscock – yes, Vince Welsh – yes, Rob Bullock – yes, Matt Greuel – yes.  MOTION CARRIED: 5 – yes, 0 – no.



Rob Bullock made the motion to return to open session at 8:56 PM. Seconded by Kurt Stremming.  VOICE VOTE PASSED.


Possible Board Action

Cynthia recommended hiring Travis Trimble for summer help.  Rob Bullock made the motion to hire, seconded by Kurt Stremming.  Members votes were:  Kurt Stremming – yes, Geo Glasscock – yes, Vince Welsh – yes, Rob Bullock – yes, Matt Greuel – yes.  MOTION CARRIED: 5 – yes; 0 – no.


Sally Hooten submitted a letter of resignation effective for the year of 2014.  This letter serves as a four year notice to receive the 6% bonus for the last four years of employment.  Geo Glasscock made the motion to accept the resignation, seconded by Rob Bullock.  VOICE VOTE PASSED.


Principal’s Report

Mr. Van Hoveln shared the following:


  1. Stewardson/Strasburg contacted Mr. Lee and I about possibly “Cooping” Jr. High girl’s basketball with them.  Mr. Lee is to do an interest survey with our Jr. High girls and I will have those numbers with me at the meeting. 
  2. Mrs. Baumann our Spanish teacher approached me about possibly setting up an education tour to Mexico this summer.  The trip would not be associated with the school.  Any Spanish student is invited to attend the 7 day tour as long as they can pay $1,753.  Mrs. Baumann has taken this trip before and it has been a huge success.  I will have an itinerary at the meeting for you to look at.  I want to make sure that you are okay with this before I give permission.
  3. Congratulations to Uriah Jones, Melanie Adams and Bayleigh Tabor for being selected to play in the Honor Music Festival at Lake Land on May 7th @ 6:30.  They are 3 of 60 area students chosen to participate. 
  4. Randy and I are interviewing summer help candidates.  I will recommend one to the board at the May meeting.
  5. Scheduling is going well for next year.  Several grades are complete at this time! 
  6. Important Dates:           April 15            Handbook Committee Meeting

April 16            Career Day!

April 20            Noon Dismissal

April 20            6th Grade Students Shadow 7th Grade

April 23/24       Spring Play “Mankind and Co.  7:00pm

April 26/27       Jr. High Team Quest competes at state

April 28/29       ACT/PSAE testing for juniors

May 1              Prom @ 8:00 at High School


There was discussion on how the girls basketball co-op would conflict with the Jr. High softball season.  There were 5 girls interested and this would be a 2 year agreement.  Erik recommended not to co-op the girls Jr. High basketball with Stewardson/Strasburg.

The board has no opinion on the Mexico trip.

Career day is April 16 and several WHS graduates will be speaking.

Congratulations to Lindsay Floyd for being selected as student of the month. 


Mrs. Bankson  shared the following:


LEXIA Webinars – whole group & RTI Committee

Enrollment Update:

Preschool =  32  (12 3y.o.)(20 4y.o.)

K = 35

1 =  28

2 =  17

3 =  30

4 =  28

5 =  28

6 =  26

Total = 192

Activities/Thank yous:

Hats for J.J. - $399.44 – Jug is still in lobby

Channel 3 News – Link on the Website

Kiss a Pig – Reading Challenge


Special Olympics Basketball Tournament: (March 13 – Bloomington)

Sydney Tabor, Noah Smith, Adam Hendershot, Harley Miller: Skills were in dribbling, passing, and shooting -  ALL won gold medals!

Now in training for track and field events

Dates of Importance:

4/20 – School Improvement – 12:00 Dismissal (Differentiated Instruction)

4/21 – EIU Touring Children’s Theatre – “Little Red and the Riding Hoods” - 8:30

4/26 – A/R Night – 6:30

4/27 - Circus – Elementary School Parking Lot - 4:30 & 7:30

(?)4/29 - Etiquette Afternoon

4/30 – Special Olympics Track & Field (Charleston)

5/3 – Spring Concert – H.S. Gym - 6:30

5/4 – Title I Night – G.S. Gym – 6:00




Mrs. Keck reported that the interest rate at Shelby County State Bank is the best option that we have at this time.


Our occupancy permit has been received after the electrical work was completed.


Our special education bus was hit in Mattoon – no one was hurt.






The motion to adjourn was made by Vince Welsh, seconded by Kurt Stremming at 9:25 PM MOTION CARRIED by Voice Vote – all yes.






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