Regular Board Meeting – December 8, 2010 - Windsor High School Library


Call to Order

President Matt Greuel called the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M.


Roll Call

The following members were present: Geo Glasscock, Kurt Stremming, Wanda Kearney, Matt Greuel, and Vince Welsh.  Also present were Administrators Sharon Keck, Erik Van Hoveln, and Cynthia Bankson and guests Angel Baumann, Shelly Clotfelter, Kathy Newlin, and Jon Will. Rob Bullock and Terrie Hudson were absent. 


Consent Agenda

Kurt Stremming inquired about the Bank Pledges sheet as to whether the numbers were correct.  Mrs. Keck will check.  Geo Glasscock made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda, second by Kurt Stremming.  Member’s votes were: Wanda Kearney – yes, Kurt Stremming – yes, Matt Greuel – yes, Vince Welsh – yes, and Geo Glasscock – yes. MOTION CARRIED 5- yes, 0 – no.


Correspondence & Visitors



Old Business


Concerns were expressed on the bullying policy by Geo Glasscock.  Kurt Stremming made a motion to approve, second by Vince Welsh.


Several options were presented on the possibility of doing work and applying for the energy grant.  Mike Sneddon will get this.  The architect had not heard a lot of interest in the grant program.  The board wanted an estimate on 3 and 10 which would include the lighting and insulation. 


New Business

There was an informational sheet given to propose on sports cooperative with Stew-Stras.  A discussion was held with some questions being answered.  Further discussion will need to be made before giving an answer.  A joint meeting would probably be necessary.  Mr. Van Hoveln will go to the Strasburg board meeting next Thursday at 7:30.  This discussion will be continued until next month.


The calendar procedure will remain the same as before.


The Kindergarten enrollment has gone up from 21 to 25 with a new student coming in January to make it 26.  Mrs. Bankson suggested moving a 2nd grade teacher to Kindergarten, but after discussion, it was decided to simply hire a second Kindergarten teacher and leave the 2nd grade as is.  Mrs. Bankson will begin the hiring process for a Kindergarten teacher to finish out the rest of the school year.


A motion was made by Matt Greuel to approve the resolution for the State of Illinois Federal Stimulus Program.  Seconded by Kurt Stremming.  The motion was passed.


A motion was made by Geo Glasscock to approve the presented food bids.  Wanda Kearney seconded the motion.  Vince Welsh – yes, Kurt Stremming – yes, Matt Greuel – yes, Geo Glasscock – yes, Wanda Kearney – yes.  5- yes 0 – no.


The school improvement committee has a new plan for going from 9 classes to 8.  They would like to keep study hall, free up more time, Friday activity periods will be done during study hall, and there are lots of other benefits of doing this.  A new schedule for classes was presented.  We are not losing any classes, but only gaining. 


Angel Baumann presented on the parent survey.  She went through the survey and gave the percentages on every question.  She offered strengths and weaknesses of the survey.  Mr. Will presented on the new 8 period schedule for next year and gave several ways it will improve achievement.  Mrs. Newlin and Mrs. Clotfelter discussed the 11th grade pullout system and the benefits that we should see from the extra time students have studying math and reading.


Executive Session







Possible Board


Matt Greuel motioned to go into Executive Session at 8:30.  Wanda Kearney seconded the motion.  Member’s votes were: Matt Greuel – yes, Vince Welsh – no, Kurt Stremming – yes, Geo Glasscock – yes, and Wanda Kearney – yes. 


Wanda Kearney made a motion to reconvene the regular meeting at 8:50.  Matt Greuel seconded that motion.  VOICE VOTE CARRIED.


A motion was made by Vince Welsh to release Executive Session Minutes 7/14/10; 8/11/10; 9/8/10; 10/13/10. A second was made by Wanda Kearney.  Member’s votes were: Matt Greuel – yes, Vince Welsh – yes, Kurt Stremming – yes, Geo Glasscock – yes, and Wanda Kearney – yes. 


Principal’s Report

Mr. Van Hoveln reported that:

·       Haley Maxwell is the Student of the Month


Ms Bankson reported that:

·        12/17 – End of 2nd Quarter – 2:20 Dismissal

·        12/20-1/2 – Christmas Break

·        1/3 Institute/Luncheon

·        ¼ Students Return

·        Thank you cooks and volunteers for Thanksgiving Dinner

·        Kris Marsland – Golden Brush Award

·        Ruth Adams- 4-H Foundation Book Presentation

·        Misty Williamson – nice job subbing for Melissa Hendrickson


Superintendent’s Report

Mrs. Keck indicated that Advance came today and the valley between the gym and the lobby will need to be looked at this summer.  The floor has a low spot under the bleachers which is a water issue.  The Transportation and Special Ed funds came in in full.  Bruce Brewer was in a car accident and has a fractured hip.






The motion to adjourn was made by Geo Glasscock and seconded by Kurt Stremming at 9:06 P.M.   MOTION CARRIED by voice vote – all yes.