Death Penalty Resources


"Giving Back Lives" (moral and practical rationale given for opposition to the death penalty):


"I walked out of prison after 44 years. The world has changed":

"Jared Lee Loughner case: Does Tucson shooting deserve the death penalty?"

"Life After Death" (Article on death penalty in Texas):

"Death Penalty Less Common Now Than in 1990s, Report Finds":

"A Horrific Crime":

"Aasia Bibi blasphemy case a symbol of Pakistan's religious intolerance" (Bibi is facing the death penalty in Pakistan convicted of blasphemy):

"Death in Texas" (examines individuals on death row):

"States ask Texas to supply ingredient for executions" (states are asking Texas for lethal injection supplies)



USA Today, Nation Section, "Death penalty gains unusual defenders" : (Academia personal for the death penalty)

Pro Death,"The Deterent Effect of the Death Penalty":

Amnesty International, "Abolish the Death Penalty":

Chicago, "Quinn Refuses to be Pinned Down on Death Penalty Repeal"


Video Resources:

Teacher Tube: