Greek Mythology!

Check out these sites...

Some great sites to start out with...

* Introduction to Greek Mythology-a basic overview on what Greek mythology is, and an overview of the major gods.


* Mythography-an excellent website with thorough information on gods, titans, and free spirits.  Also includes symbols associated with gods, a map of Greece, and a family tree for the gods.   


* website dedicated Greek mythology.   Includes information on the major gods, lesser gods, and heroes.  There is also a family tree of the gods. 


* Major Greek Goddesses-There is a tremendous amount of information in goddesses here.  A great place to use a main secondary source.


Other good sites...

* Greek includes encyclopedia entries on various subjects an people in Greek mythology. 


* Windows to the Universe: Classical Mythology-this websites compares Greek and roman gods.  A visual aide illustrating the family tree for Greek gods and goddesses is also here.


* Greek Mythology- from the Iliad to the Fall of the Last Tyrant.  Check out the "People, Places, & Things" tab; here you can find dictionary entries on common subjects in Greek mythology.  Also, "The Immortals" page has direct links to gods and heroes of Greek mythology. 


* and goddesses of ancient Greece.  Includes encyclopedia-style entries on these gods.  


* Ancient Greek gods-Background information on ancient Greece, and some information on the gods. 


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