STI InformationNow Parent Portal


The Windsor School District would like to introduce you to our newest technology advancement;  the STI InformationNow Parent Portal.  By using this website and the information stored herein, you will have the ability to track your student’s grades, homework, progress, attendance and discipline. This information is available anywhere you have an internet connection.


In this packet, you should have received these instructions and a mailing label with your login and password.  By following these instructions, you will be viewing your child’s information.  If you experience technical troubles, please email with a detailed description of the problem, and it will be addressed in a timely manner.  For questions concerning the data such as grades or attendance, please contact that buildings office.


  • Start by navigating to the school web-site at or type in the URL
  • Select a school that your children attends
  • Click on the STI InformationNow link













  • STI InformationNow Homepage will open in another window 
  • Enter the provided username. Then enter the password that was supplied, you will be required to change the password the first time you login.
  • After clicking on “Login” you will be prompted to enter the old password.
  • Create a password for your family.  (It must contain a combination of at least 8 numbers and letters)     

            If you receive an error, it will need to be corrected by our technology coordinator.

  • Once successfully logged in, the InformationNow Homepage will appear.
  • District announcements are in the center of the page. 
  • To view the district calendar or students information click on the link on the left hand menu - Choose student information -Select your student’s name














 The blue bar at the top of the page offers the information tabs.

 The green rectangle (within the blue bar) highlights the information category that you are viewing.  Grades are the default (student’s classes, teacher, homework and  progress report)  Click on a class number to view summary of the class information

Click the link - Homework. 

A window will open that will have only today’s assigned homework. To check the current week, click on week and then Refresh.

Click on the link - Progress

View child’s grades by assignment. 

Number of received out of available points (ex. 5/10) 

Select open or save the document; Abode Acrobat Reader is required to view this and other reports.  You may download a free Adobe reader by following the downloads link on the District Homepage at


Additional Information Tabs


Additional tabs listed across are listed across the top of your student information page;

are Schedule, Attendance, Discipline and Demographic.


 The Schedule tab will inform high school and middle school parents of their child’s schedule and teacher. 

The Attendance tab will allow the parent to view any days and periods their student was counted as being absent. 

The Discipline tab will allow parents to view any discipline infractions and the disciplinary actions taken.  You will view demerits and any notes created concerning the incident. 

The Demographics are located under the Demographic tab.  These are here mainly for your review and to alert us if there is any misinformation.

Under the Reports category – Report cards and transcripts will be available. Select the report card grading period quarter in the dropdown menu and select “view report”.